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Consulting in the field of long-distance transmission of positive energy and her effects of human´s health is one of the forms of alternative non-invasive way of folk cure.

I am concerned with consulting in the field of long-distance transmission of positive energy and her effects of human´s health, also with problem of creation of health issues and detection of their basic sources and according my disposition I send the curative impulses of positive energy by thoughts directly to affected cells of patient.

I am a holder of 2nd.level of REIKY according dr.Mikao Usuio. In the beginning I was healing only with hands (Reiky energy). But after time I found by accident, that I have a big ability of natural healing on distance by sending a positive energy (it isn´t Reiki), which I have had it in nature and I hadn´t had any foreknowledge about it before.

The basic principle of my diagnostics and healing is that everything around us radiates some energy and I can change, evaluate and find the source of affection by and with pendulum.
After I do the analysis and I will send the necessary healing impulses in the form of coded mental information to activate the defense systems directly to sick cells of my client in regularly repeated time intervals. The diseased and weak cells accept my sent impulses, decode them and react on the way to activate own defense system to activity,
therethrough incoming to natural “self defense”(individual cell healing), which gradually transmit to all affected cells. Thanks to this effect, it comes to recovery of all affected locality without any medicine, pills, herbs and other preparations. The body heals itself! The only think I have to know to do the diagnostics is your first name, surname, date of birth, if I don´t know you personally.

This process by contrast with Reiky can be in progress also without knowing it or without “agreement” from patient.

In what i can help you

My activity in consulting, diagnostics, solving of creation and source > health problems interferes to all parts of body:

  • Skin system
  • Body-skelet: spine, joints
  • Muscles
  • Digestion
  • Breathing
  • Excretion
  • Reproduction
  • Circulation
  • Endocrinal system
  • Nervous system
  • Empirical system
  • Lymphatic system

It is practically any health problem.


The results of my therapy are successful and independent from your conscience and religion.

I also understand, that some random visitors of this page, who will read these information will think, that it is absurdity, comes from some science-fiction film, but I can assure you all, that it is true and it works! This healing is real. On the first view it looks strange and as something “mystical up to impossible”. But it is true and very effective. During my working experience I haven´t noticed any area of healing, where this treatment on distance would fail.
I have got a respect from my clients and appreciation for my punctuality of finding and detection root cause of the health problem and on which I successfully use the healing therapy via transmission of positive energy on distance.
But to be honest, I have to tell you, that not everything can be healed for 100%. Very often the patients look for me, when they used all possibilities of treatment. In better case, that this medicine they used was not enough for them, or it was not effective for them as they were waiting for and they take me as the one of their last possibilities or maybe really „the last chance of saving”. In some cases, when the patient found me so so late, I can only allay his disease by my action at distance, but this ally is mostly permanent, so the patient was satisfied and always he told me, that he hasn´t hoped in it at all.
It is only in your hands, how will you decide and if you find the courage to contact me and to do the first and the most difficult step to improve your health.

Because there are many many people who did it and it motivates and obliges me to use my gift to help people and I take it as my mission. Everytime I take it very seriously and with maximum commitment. I am willing to offer you my experiences, services and treatment, benefit your health and in this way I fill up the idea about the life happiness, because we all know, that without health we can not be happy and the life hasn´t the right dimension and very difficult and many times and very delimited we can enjoy, what the life is giving us in all his forms. Always it will be about your decision and confidence, how you will use my offer, what you are able to do for your health. In one proverb is said: „We have only one health and we can not buy it for any money. When we do not have it, we have nothing.“

Mental cause of illnesses

The Universe catches the mental thoughts and by continual repetition of thoughts, the Universe vibrates and send them us back, which manifest in the physical body as a different illnesses and on the emotional level as problems, suffering, fear, anger etc.

The sense of our life is living.

The living doesn´t mean only happy moments, but brings us the problems and the situations, which we don´t await and each of us must solve them in some way. This moves us forward. As long as we unweighted and unworked outlived experiences on a right way it will reflect on our health.

Because of this, it is my target to offer the help to people, who notice the connections between bad evaluated experiences and accrued health problems and they know the law of action and reaction and balance.
My mission is helping to these people on their way of healing.

The life is a river, what flows. Only one truth exists and it is: We can not return any moment in our life.

We complain, that we have got only little time, but we behave like we have infinitely much time. The illness gives us the time to think about all our thoughts and actions with the goal to recognize the source of it. Nothing is happened to us by accident. Everyone from us is unique and has his own mission.

I have many experiences with clients from Czech, Slovakia, Germany and in the other countries.


To add a reference only in Czech, go here.


Phone: +420 737 612 723

Do you want to do something to improve your health?
Don´t be shy and do not hesitate to contact me! With this decision you can loose nothing, you can only get. As a matter of fact, the health is the most valuable what we all have.

I am looking forward to you.

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